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Behind January Days

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

About twenty years ago, I had a good friend go through a very bitter end to a relationship that had a profound impact on all aspects of his life. It was for this friend that I wrote the song January Days. Here in the Midwest, a January day can be bitterly cold and gray. But only weeks later, the spring comes and relegates the harsh winter to the past. I used this analogy to instill hope that there were better days ahead. I recorded the original demo back in 1999 in my humble studio in Algonquin, Illinois. Lou applied some of his songwriting magic based on that demo, resulting in the current Rito song that you can get here. Note that a couple of the original 1999 tracks are in the current version. The song features Rob Ahrendt and Mike Curtis on guitars. We hope you enjoy it.

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